Take A Kid Fishing

Take a Kid Fishing Charters Auckland


Seahawk Charters are super excited to give parents/relatives/older siblings/friends an opportunity to Take A Kid(s) Fishing.  We want to help promote fishing to our younger generation and create future fishermen and woman while creating a memorable experience in our backyard the beautiful Haurauki Gulf.  So here is a page dedicated to providing all the information you need, however feel free to send us a message for more info.

Bookings Maximum: 20 persons

Where can you book:  Online booking page, click on the calendar which date you wish to book, it will be a purple box.

What: Half Day charter to local fishing grounds, departing 7:00am – returning 12:00pm depending on fishing location

Cost: $90.00 per person this includes Bait, Rod Hire & Salt Ice.  Children are the same price as adults because they are fishing, the price is discounted from $130pp.

Who: Any Children 5 years old, check if children are younger but capable on a boat.

What We Supply: Experienced Skipper and Crew, Boat (Mighty Seahawk), Bait, Rods & Ice and a great experience, lessons on how to bait hooks and bring in fish

What Do You Need: A Paid Booking, Chilly Bins (if you don’t have a chilly bin we have a large one on board you can use), food and beverages for an evening fishing, warm clothes be prepared, sea sickness pills if required (follow as directed), covered shoes, prompt arrival 15 minutes prior to departure(allow for traffic and travel times-we leave on time with or without you), Smiles

More Information

Location: After parking you proceed down the ramp on the right in front of Billfish Café and Seahawk is Z19 berth slightly to the left.

Arrival: Please ensure your arrival is no less than 15 minutes prior to departure time.  Allow time for travel and parking (plenty at Z-Pier)  We don't wait for late comers it interfers with other paying customers

Boarding: You are welcome to board MV Seahawk 10 minutes prior to our scheduled departure.  Back packs and personal belongings can be stored on the rack above the engine.  If you have your own chilly bin place them under the seats.

Crew: All Seahawk charters come with an experienced skipper and a knowledgeable deck hand. A full safety briefing precedes each charter.

Refreshments & food: Tea, coffee and bottled water is available on request without charge.

Rods & Bait: Rods & Bait are available on all our Take A Kid Fishing charters.  Our expert crew will ensure that you have lessons in baiting your line and using your rods.  Our advice is watch and listen and it will help you learn the art of fishing when our crew are giving instructions & tips.  We strongly suggest all children ask for assistance from the crew and not any accompanying adult (kids listen to our crew because they are not Mum & Dad).

Ice: All our charters have ice provided.  Most importantly it keeps your catch fresh as well as your refreshments cold.  Always make a slurry for your chilly bin with our ice and seawater after you've caught your fish.

Children: As all persons on board are fishing, we charge for children.

Dress: No matter what the weather is always come prepared.  Autumn, Winter & Spring especially you will need to bring warm clothing.  In summer caps, sunglasses and sunscreen are the order of the day.

Hazard: On both embarking & disembarking take care as the steps can become wet & slippery.

Cancellations: Seahawk will only cancel a charter if we have adverse weather conditions or mechanical failure.  In the case of weather we normally try and give you up to 24 hours’ notice and will will give you an alternative date.  We don’t cancel if it’s raining….fish don’t mind the rain.

Terms of Trade:

Full payment is required prior to departure.

Our Take A Kid Fishing Charters terms differ from those on our website so please read carefully.  No refunds for no shows and any cancellation made by the customer.

Seahawk Charters accepts no responsibility for personal injury or damage to your property.