“Danny & Jimmy are AWESOME! The trip was one of the most successful fishing charters we have been out on! Catching our quota in snapper meant we could please a few aunties on our way home as well as have enough for our family”

Lisa & Joe

“Most of our fishos enjoyed the day. Good clean toilets and one just for the ladies was an extra bonus. I found Jimmy the deckhand polite & helpful. Also it was excellent to have cloths for wiping hands whilst fishing”

Susie Tamapeau

“Just want to say thanks to you and your crew last night. They did a great job. We didn’t get as many fish as we would have hoped but that’s fishing. Everyone enjoyed themselves”

Paul Webber

“A  huge thank you to Danny and his deckie for being so attentive and looking after us so well. I look forward to doing another trip in the near future as I was enjoying this one so much and would highly recommend it as a great deal”

Cheers Jessie

“I just want to quickly email you as we had an amazing trip on Thursday. The team really enjoyed the trip and is super keen to head out fishing with you guys again”

Hendrik Terhart

“Will definitely recommend your service to friends & family”

Zaid Essa

“Just wanted to give some feedback about Sundays twilight charter! Great stuff! Not only about the fish me and my bro caught. But skipper & Jimmy (deckhand) were brilliant, friendly, and just good all round lads to have on board”

Vince Falefatu

“Please pass on our thanks to Danny as he did try hard to find fish on Friday night,and although the fishing was no good we managed to have a few laughs and an enjoyable social outing. As they say ‘a bad days fishing is better than working’”

Robert Shore

“Thanks to you, Lenny & the crew for a great day”

John Harvey ITL Technologies

“Just wanted to say we had a great day out fishing and the two guys working were awesome and made it much more enjoyable”

Lisa Wood

“Thanks to you and Lenny for another memorable day out on the water! Lots of big fish seen and we even took one home. A great time was had by all”


‘Overall an excellent trip out. Skipper & Mrs Skipper were great hosts. Very knowledgeable team and a pleasure to talk to.They helped everyone with the aim to make sure everyone was able to land a catch and ensured safety of our people”

Javed Khan-Blum

“Went  out on evening charter on Wednesday 21st December. The crew were onto it and helpful. The boat was well set up for the number on board. I would be happy to recommend it”

Rod Fulford

“Thank you for the fishing trip with Renaissance on Tuesday. I found the staff extremely helpful and cheerful which created a great day”

John Fairey

“I took my son on your boat last weekend. Just  wanted to comment that despite few fish coming on board we had a really enjoyable time giving it a go. The skipper & crew were excellent with adding just the right amount of input into the fishing technique etc. They were great with my son and he had a lot of fun”

Joshua Tunnell

“Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Lenny and his crew for all their efforts to give us a wonderful day out fishing today with Geoff Thomas”

Jim & Jo-ann

“I have had such a  great summer fishing on the Seahawk and have highly recommended it to all my friends”

Mark Caubo

“Just wanted to say what a great experience I had on Saturday night. Danny & the deckhand were brilliant especially as they taught me to bait and catch my first fish”

Sarah Crout

“The fishing charter was great and the crew were fantastic”

George Meale

“Rex , just wanted to drop you a line to say we had the most amazing time on Saturday night. Thanks for all your help and staff were amazing”

Angela Frost - Crucial Colour

“Hello Rex thanks for the great night fishing on Saturday. We had a ball until we had to clean all the fish we caught”

Jeffery Nichols…Gough Cat

‘Thanks for a fantastic fishing trip. Best we have been on in a long time and I have been on many. The crew were superb and a credit to your charter”

Max Gibbs Hamilton

“Rex, thank you for a  great  experience for my mate Terry and me. It’s the best we’ve ever had on any charter”

Peter Watt

‘Thank you for a great fishing day yesterday, everyone enjoyed it”

Tania Wong…. Ockham

“ Thanks heaps once again for the great service. That’s why we keep coming back!!”

Clint Gauld…Continental Cars

“Thanks for accommodating us on yet another fishing trip. I would like to once again tell you that Danny is absolutely fantastic at what he does. Not only is he a good skipper but he has become well-liked by my work colleagues”

Shamir Ali - Auckland Transport

“I believe Danny & Adrian deserve a raise if they keep performing the way they are. Let’s catch up to discuss next year’s options”

Shamir Ali – Auckland Transport

Our mission statement is 

“ the difference is we catch fish”